SEO IconsOur search engine optimization experts understand that effective SEO is more than keywords and meta tags.

Our SEO process:

  1. Client Interview – We start with YOU. We want to know your goals and vision for your business and how you differentiate yourself.
  2. Website Analysis – If you already have a website, we dig deep into your site to see how you’re marketing your products and evaluate how the site is structured.
  3. Competitive Research – We take a look at your competitors, especially the ones ranking well with search engines, and look for opportunities to do it better for you.
  4. Keyword Research – We figure out which search terms your target audiences uses to find your products and services.
  5. On Site Optimization – Existing websites will sometimes need to be restructured. Often, you’ll need new pages and/or content. We’ll make the adjustments necessary to ensure your site is optimized for search engines or create a brand new site for you.
  6. Off Site Promotion – SEO is more than just what’s on your website. To increase your rankings, we may employ white hat link building and citation building techniques. At minimum, we’ll coach you through how to use directories and social media to promote your website.
  7. Analysis – Ranking on the front page of Google doesn’t happen overnight. We’ll monitor your site’s progress over time and share that progress with you.
  8. Adjustment – Analysis of your website rankings will assist us in identifying opportunities to adjust our strategy and improve your results. We will continue to reevaluate and make changes to your website and keyword strategy to get and keep you ranking well.

On Page SEO

Effective on page SEO goes beyond using keywords in title tags, meta description tags and H1 tags. We will look at each and every page on your site and ensure it is titled in a way so that you can easily be found. We will also ensure that it features unique, compelling content and creates an engaging user experience.

Link building

Inbound links to your website will improve your search engine rankings but only if those links are from credible websites on a topic related to your business. Our SEO specialists will employ only white hat link building techniques to garner your site inbound backlinks through guest blogging opportunities, social media, Q&A forums and other relevant websites.

Citation Building

In the world of SEO, a citation is any mention of your business on the web. Citations may or may not include a link to your website and can be a key for local businesses improving their search engine rankings.

Our online marketing team will research your competition and then create and execute a citation building strategy for your business that will include a customized combination of directory listings, social media, blogging and other citation opportunities.