Despite all the changes in consumer habits, TV advertising is still king.

Advertising on TV is perceived to be the most expensive advertising medium, and in most cases, it is, but not at On Target Media. The biggest hurdle for companies like yours to advertise on TV is the cost to produce a TV commercial. However, we have put together a team of production people, who can produce quality TV commercials that appeal to your target market, for a fraction of the cost you may have paid in the past, or have heard of others paying.

tv commercial advertising Las Vegas, NVThe second factor is the cost to place commercials on TV. Would you be surprised to know that we can actually place you on local TV for as little as $1? Or if you have a bigger budget, we can place your spot in the Super Bowl nationally, for as much as $2,000,000.

However, what it costs to place a spot on TV is irrelevant. That’s right, the individual spot cost is irrelevant when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of a TV buy.

What matters is the efficiencies of the spots that are being bought. If we can talk “advertising geek” for a minute. The most important factor in an electronic media buy is either the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) or a Cost Per Point (CPP). One is a derivative of the other, so it doesn’t matter which you use. A CPM is how much it costs to reach 1,000 people in your targeted demographic. A CPP is how much it costs to reach 1% or your targeted demographic. Just because a TV spot costs $1, doesn’t mean it’s a better buy than a spot for $2,000,000.

Here at On Target Media, we have mastered the media buying process, employing unique media buying philosophies that maximize the efficiency of every advertising dollar spent. Looking to maximize every advertising dollar you spend? Call On Target Media today.

Memorable TV Advertising

TV Advertising Las VegasOur advertising production team is right on the mark when it comes to delivering memorable, quality TV commercials. We don’t rush the process and don’t pump out cookie-cutter, “one size fits most” TV commercials.

Our production process includes carefully researching your target demographic, putting together compelling scripts that appeal to that demographic, and then match those scripts with eye-catching visuals that bring message to life.
We produce ads in such a way that our client’s brands cut through the clutter, and are remembered.
Our media team members are experts at planning, negotiating and placing a well-mixed TV schedule for small, medium and large size businesses.

Our TV schedules produce a great return on investment (ROI) for budgets of any size.
Just know that at On Target Media, our team can negotiate the most effective possible TV costs for you and produce a high-quality spot. Simply put – we know how to invest your marketing dollars in a way that maximizes your reach, frequency, and minimizes your costs.
If you want your business to be seen on TV, contact us today.